Pertinax Pharma

December 5th 2016

How a University of Bristol spin-off grew to become the first lab customer at Future Space.

Pertinax Pharma were the first company to take up laboratory spaces here at Future Space. Pertinax is a patent-protected, sustained release technology for chlorhexidine, a common antiseptic. It can be used as a filler component of materials for biomedical and other applications, as a component of topical agents, and as a coating for medical devices.

"Moving our operation to Future Space offers us the opportunity to expand our team as we look to develop Pertinax for new applications and markets.”

Stuart Gibson, Chief Financial Officer for Pertinax Pharma

Dr Michele Barbour and her research group at the University of Bristol School of Oral and Dental Sciences have been developing sustained efficacy antimicrobial materials for many years. In April 2015 Pertinax Pharma Ltd was established to commercialise the many and diverse applications of this proprietary CHX technology. Since their ambitious move to Future Space here in Bristol, the company is looking to expand into different markets such as application of the product in wound care and veterinary markets.

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