eXmoor Expands with Future Space

June 6th 2018

Future Space customer eXmoor pharma has experienced the flexible benefits of the working environments that we strive to provide to growing, ambitious businesses.
After moving into Future Space in January 2017, eXmoor has now expanded into new areas of both our office and laboratory space. The company is a biomanufacturing consultancy business which provides process development, facility design and GMP compliance services in cell and gene therapies and biopharmaceuticals s in three continents.
We spoke to Angela, MD at eXmoor, to see how their first year has been and what the future holds for this ambitious and fast growth business.

What was it that attracted you to Future Space?
“We reviewed several locations in the South West and South East of the UK and identified some clear factors that were important to us in achieving our growth ambitions.
“Good transport links and location were vital. We are an agile team therefore we needed to be accessible for everyone. Finding a flexible space which could adapt to our changing needs was of paramount importance as was good quality, shared facilities.
“The location of Future Space at UWE Bristol’s Frenchay site and also close to the Universities of Bath and Bristol, and also the NHS Blood & Transplant Filton site was a major consideration. We knew that growth would mean new staff roles and therefore we felt that we could also benefit from being able to attract scientific talent from the university and allow us to set up internship programmes.

What type of space do you use at Future Space?
“We started off with one lab and one office space; growth meant we soon needed to take an additional lab and office space. Now we have a bigger main office for eight people and a dedicated lab space. As a result of our recommendations, one of our clients has also taken shared lab space at Future Space.

What are the benefits of working from Future Space?
“The flexibility has been very good and the team is highly supportive of our needs. The environment has helped us to recruit our initial lab team, and support our ongoing growth.
The availability of interim lab staff from future space has helped us smooth a critical workload peak.
“We’ve felt very supported at Future Space and it’s prestigious for clients when they visit us. We have regular interactions with the centre’s team and it’s also good to be working alongside the many other incredible companies which are fast growing and doing ground breaking work. It’s an inspiring community to be part of.

What does the future hold for eXmoor?
“We have plenty of flexibility here and see further growth and expansion as we need it over the next few years. We’re looking at new projects with clients who can also benefit from us being here.
We are currently hiring for four roles, including a Head of Process Development and Bioprocess Development Scientist and Technicians so it’s an exciting time.”

To see more about eXmoor visit: http://www.exmoorpharma.com
Or follow them on Twitter @exmoorpharma

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