Rugged Interactive

What they're up to and why they chose Future Space.

December 18th 2018

Interactive fitness technology company, Rugged Interactive, became Future Space members in the Spring of 2017 and haven’t looked back since. We took a moment with Lucy Manley, Sports Scientist and Key Account Manager, to discuss Rugged’s future plans for total fitness domination and why being based Future Space has worked so well for them.

First things first Lucy, how did Rugged Interactive start?
So, the Founder Simon Heap was working with UK Sport as a consultant, designing products for their Olympic teams and it became clear to him that what separates elite athletes from the rest of us was inner motivation to always do better. He always thought that fitness was too important to be boring, that it should interactive, fun and accessible to everyone. With that, he designed and created our first product, the CardioWall in 2009. We relaunched in 2012 and since then have created over 10 products for different markets. The company is currently splitting into 4 different areas: ‘Rugged Fun’ which is trampoline parks and indoor adventure, ‘Rugged Fitness’ for gyms and leisure centres, ‘Rugged Education’ for schools and ‘Rugged Health’ focusing on mental health and wellbeing, and moving into NHS territory. So big things are ahead!

Is there anything specific that you’re working on at the moment or is the focus on splitting the company into the four areas?
At the moment the main aim is to focus on the health side of things. This year we’ve mainly been focusing on the 'Rugged Fun' side; indoor adventure parks and family entertainment centres. 2019 is for ‘Rugged Health’. We’re currently undertaking research in a brain injury rehab centre in Glasgow, and conducting research over in Spain, looking at how the CardioWall can delay and even reverse the onset of Dementia. We’re waiting for those research studies to come back with their results and then we plan to get involved with the NHS.

Research showing that tech can be used for good is what we’re into! And does this mean a trip to Spain for you?
Well probably not me, Harry (Stevens – Commercial Director) goes, he’s off visiting partners and customers all the time. He visited the day centre in Madrid earlier this year and carried out a case study with the service users there and they absolutely loved it, the feedback was brilliant!

Rugged Interactive

More importantly (objectively) does 2019 involve any more input from Anthony Joshua, because that has been a big thrill for us?
I really hope so. None of our products are specifically for boxers but work for boxers because they test speed, reaction and peripheral version. But we’ve changed the software in the product he’s got (CardioWall Pro-X Elite). He can now eliminate which pods he doesn’t want to use, so if he wants to practise body shots then he can select pods that are in the middle. We’ve basically tailored the product to him, he hasn’t used it yet due to training commitments abroad, but we’re hoping to hear from him in the new year and hopefully I’ll get to meet him! We did send him a Christmas card…we had an opportunity and we took it!

We want to send him a Christmas card…Anyway, final question – just to give us a chance to toot our own trumpet, why does Future Space work for Rugged Interactive?
Haha! In all seriousness, Harry and I have days where we sit down and he says ‘we struck luck didn’t we!’ And that’s because of everything we’re offered here.There are multiple seminar’s available to us andwe always try to sign up to the ones that are relevant - they’re always really useful. The get togethers you hold, although we don’t necessary line up with other companies that are here, are a good opportunity to meet other people that are in the building because they’re all doing really great things. Also, its modern, it makes us look credible when people come and visit which is a big thing for us. And you guys are really helpful, all of you!

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