Company 500 more help Future Space customers develop their business

January 7th 2019

500 More support Tech companies to develop their healthcare tech products and services, to bring them to market more effectively with the right tools in place. The company is led by co-founders Greg Smart and Chris Morton, who have both embraced and immersed themselves in the collaborative community at Future Space, which has ultimately resulted in new opportunities for them, but also benefitted the wider ecosystem of the University Enterprise Zone (UEZ).



The healthcare and wellbeing market is complex, ever-changing and is fraught with compliance intricacies and regulation. Their model is unique as they help their customers review their business model from an investors perspective, they can then facilitate matching these customers with investors. Greg and Chris have a wealth of knowledge of the industry and can help companies commercialise their proposition by developing innovative bespoke software. However, the company are certainly open to advise on their own business and have benefitted from having the strategic guidance and external perspective of Nuala Foley, Innovation Director at Future Space.

500 More have availed from three one to one sessions with Nuala, looking at their product offering, refining their ideal customer(s) and honing their value proposition. One of the outcomes, was the identification and need for extra capacity in helping research their customers in more depth and understanding the best sales approach. 500 More employed a UWE intern who helped shaped their sales process, while implementing a new approach of utilising digital marketing, to identify and engage prospective customers, which resulted in new business for 500 More.

500 More have been a great addition to the community, also engaging with the Health Tech Hub within UEZ and regularly hosting a local meet up in the hub café called Techie Brekkie. Chris and Greg have both gained value from the business support workshops, attending sessions on how to perfect your elevator pitch and how to make innovation pay. They have both engaged with the drop-in support on offer, discussing both accountancy and legal issues with an expert conveniently located on their doorstep. They are also regular faces at Future Space’s monthly networking events and have developed partnerships with other Future Space residents. It’s evident 500 More have invested a lot of their time in the community, which has resulted in exciting collaborations.

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