UWE interns adding value with Future Space companies

January 7th 2019

The University of the West of England (UWE) and Future Space launched an internship programme in July 2018, which gave marketing students the opportunity to help solve real life business issues faced by Future Space companies. Open Bionics, Koan, 500 More and HBXL all successfully hired an intern.



Over the ten-week period the interns worked on specific marketing briefs, networked and ultimately kickstarted their career. The programme was a fully funded programme as a benefit for being a Future Space company, which enabled them to avail of support which may otherwise not have been possible. The funding of this bespoke initiative brings mutual benefits to both the students and the companies involved.

Future Space customer Open Bionics hired Charlie Blaise as their marketing intern.  Chris Edwards-Pritchard, communications director at Open Bionics, said: "Charlie has added immense value to our communications here at Open Bionics.  He has filmed and edited videos for the launch of the Brunel Hand 2.0, a robotic hand for researchers, and has also created content for the Hero Arm, the world's first medically approved 3D-printed bionic arm and the most affordable multi-grip bionic arm ever.  His work has received thousands of views and engagement from all around the world. I'm super impressed by his work ethic, adaptability and determination."

Commenting on his internship, Charlie said: “I’m gaining a lot of skills I didn’t have before. I’ve learnt that launching a product isn’t just about throwing it out there and hoping for the best, it’s very strategic and I’m learning how to use digital marketing professionally as a powerful tool in business.  Chris sat me down one day and said, ‘what do you want to do?’  He then gave me a brief and told me to go away and do it, ultimately I’ve produced a film about the hero arm, something I’m very proud of.”

HBXL, which created estimating software used by builders and developers, hired Farah Mulk, who is studying for a Masters at UWE. Farah comments: “My experience with HBXL was great. I felt like part of a family and whenever I struggled with anything, they gave me the time I needed.  My knowledge grew so much, and I’ve gained a lot of experience. I believe that when you work in a small company you receive a lot more encouragement.”

Communications manager at HBXL, Sally Pitt said: “This is HBXL’s first internship programme and it’s a learning experience for us too. We would welcome the opportunity to hire another intern in the future.  From the start we treated Farah as an employee to help her feel a part of the business. Far from her time being about making tea and coffee, Farah worked on a digital marketing campaign for HBXL!”

October 9th 2019

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