A visit from the drones

November 26th 2020

Bad Wolf Horizon and their FPV drone visited us at Future Space recently, to film the centre as part of Tech South West's vision to capture incredible tech hubs across the South West. We caught up with Tom, Director of Bad Wolf Horizon to find out what they're up to and what they thought of Future Space.

Tom Wadsworth, Director, Bad Wolf Horizon

So, who are Bad Wolf Horizon? 

Bad Wolf Horizon Ltd. is an award-winning drone company based in Cornwall, specialising in creative drone services. We fly all types of drones from expensive, heavy lift rigs, all the way through to sub-250g self-built drones. We work in the film, TV and commercial industry and travel all over the UK for work. We have worked with clients including NatWest, ITV and Land Rover to name just a few!

In the summer of 2020, we launched a brand new FPV drone service - the first of its kind in the South West. These drones are small, light, agile and flown using FPV goggles. These aircraft are tricky to fly as they have full manual control, but this allows us total creative freedom on where and how we fly.

Tell us a bit about what you were doing at Future Space

I was asked to create a "hero video" for the introduction of the 2020 Tech South West Awards. The aim of this project was to create a film that is totally unique, helped in part using our latest in FPV technology. This was the perfect example to demonstrate the ever-expanding technology sector in the South West and we jumped at the challenge. With the aim to cover the whole of the South West, from Cornwall to Bristol and Bath, for this project we used a couple of different types of drone technology.

As well as the traditional drone footage, we also used both our fast-paced, acrobatic, outdoor FPV drones, diving down cliff faces and chasing surfers, as well as our smaller, indoor FPV drones, allowing me to fly safely indoors and around "soft targets" people. One of the places that we wanted to capture on film was the Future Space building, so we drove up from Cornwall to Bristol and back in a day (thanks to UK lockdown), to create a virtual tour of the space.

Dan Pritchard, Co-Founder of Tech South West described how they "wanted to capture the incredible landscapes, cityscapes and tech hubs across the South West. From Future Space to the Cornwall peninsula, Plymouth and Exeter Science Parks to the skylines of Bath and Bristol. The South West is an incredible place to live and work in tech, and hopefully the film, which we will be using the promote the region’s tech sector, captures that."

What did you think of Future Space? 

It's a weird time to be working across the South West, as the UK is under lockdown and yet we are allowed to keep working seemly as normal. Despite these strange times, the team at Future Space were so lovely, welcoming and happy to help when we needed chairs moved, videos playing on TVs and objects rearranged for the shot. Based on our short walking tour, there seems to be a great number of diverse, interesting and creative technology-based businesses in the Future Space building, and whoever did your interior design has done a fantastic job!

Where can we see the film?

On the 26th November the film was showcased at the Tech South West Awards ceremony. You can see the finished piece, "Tech from the Cutting Edge", here:

The whole Future Space team think the film is absolutely brilliant, and seeing the space captured in this unique way reminds us of how lucky we are to work in such a vibrant and innovative community.

“Although our visit to Future Space was brief, I really enjoyed flying around such a beautiful space, so thank you for helping us to arrange this shoot with such a tight deadline.”

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