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Case Studies – Absolute Robotics

December 1st 2020

Absolute Robotics is a cobot integration, system design and supply company. We caught up with Ben Smythe, Junior Robotics Engineer, to find out more about Absolute Robotics and their journey at Future Space.

"The facilities, staff and environment make every day working life here easy and enjoyable!" - Ben Smythe, Junior Robotics Engineer.

Ben, tell us a bit about Absolute Robotics and your role

We have grown out of Absolute Automation Group, who are a world-wide industrial control systems supplier, supplying everything from simple inverter drive panels to complex multi-bay control systems. Like many, Absolute Automation Group saw the opportunity of how cobots could undoubtedly help manufacturing companies, so they set up Absolute Robotics. We have been running here for two years building relationships with customers to solve problems and increase manufacturing capabilities.

I am a junior robotics engineer here at Absolute Robotics. I love solving problems using skills from university to design systems that help industries increase their capabilities using robotics and automated systems. Being early on in my career it is fantastic to be surrounded by a team of very experienced mechanical and electrical engineers who can guide me through to chartership, teaching me the skills necessary to design and integrate beneficial systems.

Why Future Space?

We joined Future Space 2 years ago when we set up the company, after viewing several offices and workspaces across Bristol we decided on Future Space because of its convenience and working environment. Being a convenient, stylish and flexible place with the opportunity to collaborate with similar people it was decided a great hub to start our journey. Future Space has provided us with all the facilities needed to deliver beneficial projects for companies.

Being a hub for similar high-tech robotics companies it’s a great place to connect and collaborate with other companies, making everyday working easy! And enjoyable. Not to mention the business support services, and great location.

So, what has been the company's biggest accomplishment?

We have delivered several very exciting and very beneficial projects for our growing number of customers. The one that stands out the most is a dual robot system we supplied to market leaders in passenger systems, Hanover Displays.

Working to 50 microns repeatability, the dual robot system breakout, label, inspect, test and store 350 circuit boards in a 8 hour shift. You can check out our linkedin page for a full video of the system. We’ve had great feedback from the team down there and they’ve just put an order in for more systems!

“The stylish, flexible and high-tech environment at Future space provides a fantastic place to build the team at Absolute Robotics.” - Geoff Ferguson, Head of Robotics.

What is next for Absolute Robotics?

We are currently in talks with several companies about some very exciting projects so you should definitely keep an eye on us! However, our real goal is to have a positive impact on small to medium size companies and help them meet new customer demands. Whether that be increased production, reliability or quality assurance our cobots, combined with our experience and knowledge can offer companies a real advantage to help them grow.

Robot Testing System

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