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At Future Space, we’ve made it our mission to cultivate a community built on mutual respect and interest in developing future technology and innovation. You spend most of your week working, so why not be surrounded by like-minded individuals with enthusiasm for one another’s ideas?

Our aim is to bring together the best and brightest and help them develop, collaborate, and grow. Our team work hard to plan events and casual meetups to bring members together to share ideas, showcase their work and create new opportunities for collaboration.

EIS Investment – Top Tips from Corrigan & Ashfords

Future Space, Curie Meeting Room

Are you looking for investment? If so, join our Advisory_Space members, accounting and tax experts from Corrigan, and legal experts from Ashfords, as they run through what you should expect when raising EIS investment, and offer some tips to help smooth the process. Questions and discussion are encouraged and a light lunch will be provided.

Tekki Brekki at the Health Tech Hub – Apps for Wellbeing

Wednesday 6th March, Health Tech Hub Refreshments from 8:45am Olivia Coy, a registered nurse with experience in emergency and cardiac intensive care, observed the challenges patients faced in managing medications and their health journeys. Motivated to address this issue she founded Remedy, a company aimed at revolutionising healthcare offering AI-powered solutions for effective medication management ... Read more

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