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Meet our big thinkers

Elaine McKechnie
Centre Director
Elaine can be found talking with customers and discovering all she can about our innovators. As Centre Director, Elaine’s main focus is providing the necessary services and support to enable the innovators based at FS to develop and grow.

To contact Elaine directly, please call 07909 994 101 or email
Parm Cory-Jones
Assistant Centre Manager
Parm oversees the day to day operational running of Future Space offices, labs, workshops and meeting rooms, whilst also managing the team in the centre. Parm has worked as an Operations Manager for the past 10 years and is a keen traveller, having lived and travelled across Australia and the USA. In her spare time, she enjoys yoga, cooking and writing short stories.
Christoph Zimmer
Lab Technician
Christoph is a Diploma Biologist, specialising in molecular biology and biochemistry. Working in environmental research as well as university clinics, he is trained in laboratory techniques such as DNA and protein extraction, western blot, genotyping, genetic engineering and cell culture. Christoph offers a helping hand in the lab, assisting the staff in using the equipment and ensuring everybody follows health and safety regulations.
Richard May
Innovation Director
Richard comes to Oxford Innovation with a wealth of business and senior management experience gained in the Technology, Marketing and Consulting departments of leading global companies like Credit Suisse, PriceWaterhouseCoopers and Arthur Andersen. He established and grew a successful start-up business in the Middle East.
Nuala Foley
Innovation Director
Nuala Foley is a highly experienced business mentor and trainer having worked with many businesses to support them in their commercial development and skills enhancement. As Innovation Director for Future Space, Nuala will be sharing that experience and knowledge with customers through the provision of business support.
Sean Devane
Innovation Director
Sean Devane has come to Oxford Innovation with a strong background in innovation process and R&D. Our customers will have access to his wealth of knowledge on technology product development and Sean will play a key role in supporting the Future Space Customers and wider network to grow and develop.

Work among our many inspiring companies at the forefront of science and tech.

Aralia Systems

Aralia develop intelligent surveillance systems and more to enhance the overall security of rail systems, airports and public buildings.

Atlas Genetics

Genetics pioneered a rapid diagnostic platform designed to detect the presence of infectious diseases such as Chlamydia and MRSA, where a quick, actionable test result provided on-demand can significantly improve patient outcomes.

Cerberus Security

Cerberus Security provides security consultancy to semiconductor and embedded systems product manufacturers. Cerberus also provide embedded system security evaluation services and specialist hardware-related security training.

DesAcc EMEA Ltd

DesAcc develop software, data analytics and interrogation for the medical industry. Ability to extract data from a vast amount of systems, ability to standardise data, and at the core a software engineering company.



Esoterix Systems develops demand responsive software for transport providers. The aim is to combine the latest technological capabilities with engineering expertise to improve the efficiency of our road networks (reduce congestion), reduce carbon emissions due to transport and enable better access for all to work, healthcare and leisure facilities.

eXmoor Pharma Concepts

eXmoor pharma is a technical and strategic consultancy in biopharmaceuticals, secondary pharmaceuticals and cell & gene therapies. They provide process development capability to the cell and gene therapy industry.

Flexys Solutions

Flexys applies fresh thinking to enterprise debt management, using Machine Learning and clever technology to solve real world problems.


HBXL is a UK building software and development company that supplies builders, developers, architects and tradespeople with software for smarter working.


Innaxon Therapeutics is an early stage development company. Their in-house biopharmaceuticals and in-licensed small molecule inhibitors have been shown in proof-of-concept pre-clinical studies to treat cancer and prevent serious inflammatory diseases.

Intercede Ventures

Intercede develop systems and technology to help reduce the carbon footprints of transports prime movers such as aircraft, automotive vehicles, railway trains, marine vessels and eco power generation equipment.

KMK Consulting Engineers

KMK are electro/mechanical and structural design engineers. Their expertise lies in calculations, finite element analysis, technical reporting, mechanical and structural inspection, site engineering and various other areas.


Koan build online products and experiences that work well together and help business to grow. Everything they have created has been built out of an identifiable gap in the market and a requirement that online retail businesses needed.

Motion Impossible

Motion Impossible was formed to create new and innovative ways to move cameras in film, TV and now in VR.

Open Bionics

Award winning company that produces cost effective and customisable bionic limbs.



OR3D specialise in providing CAD models or inspection reports from laser scan data. Using a variety of portable 3D laser scanning equipment and specialist reverse engineering software they can create a 3D CAD model of almost anything.


Pertinax is a slow-release technology for chlorhexidine (CHX), which allows for long term antibacterial applications. Pertinax Pharma was established to commercialise the many applications of this CHX technology.


PSE 2 Ltd

PSE 2 Ltd deal with specialist design activities and power systems.

Reach Robotics

Providers of Mekamon, the real world and virtual augmented reality Robot gaming experience.
Able to control physical robots in the real world and / or virtual augmented world, in training, combat, and missions.


Shadow Robot Company

Robotics development & consultancy, working with BRL on assisted living project.
Designs and manufactures state-of-the-art anthropomorphic robot hands & related systems.


SUSE, a pioneer in opensource, software, delivers smarter Linux and cloud innovation that gives enterprises the control and flexibility they need to succeed.


Synoptix are a systems engineering consultancy. Providing systems & safety support to technical engineering companies across the UK in the following engineering sectors: Defence, Aerospace, Marine, Energy, Automotive and Rail.


Techni Measure

Techni Measure supply a wide range of sensors, transducers and instrumentation from leading manufacturers around the world, covering nearly every measurement parameter in almost any environment.

500 More

500 More design and create mobile apps concentrating on improving health and well-being.

Connect and share with the greatest innovators in your area.

Leilah Woods
Director at Purple Marketing
Roger Davenport
Director at Purple Marketing
Lisa Gardner
Director at Purple Marketing
Edward Snape
Director at Purple Marketing
Daniel Aldridge
Director at Purple Marketing
Susan Bradgate
Director at Purple Marketing
Steve Mayer
Director at Purple Marketing
Mark Fielding
Director at Purple Marketing

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