Our laboratories provide a strong platform for a variety of scientists, from start-up’s working at proof of concept stage through to established companies looking to further progress their work. With a choice of private or shared lab space, we have a range of equipment and facilities designed to support companies in the life sciences sectors, along with an on-site lab technician and various peripheral services.

Lab Options

Shared, equipped labs

Ideal for creators starting out, this fully equipped space is shared with like-minded innovators. Perfect for small companies looking to share ideas collaborate and grow. With access to a dedicated Lab Technician and a range of high value pre-installed equipment and consumables available, this space provides to perfect launchpad for promising start-ups at a low cost.

Lab Technician Support

Write-Up Space included

Chemical and Hazardous Waste Removal

11 Workstations in Microbiology, Tissue
Culture and General Bio Science Labs

Access to a Wide Range of Equipment
and Consumables (more info)

Dedicated labs & workshops

Dedicated labs and workshops are the next step for growing creators. For companies that need private space for product development, testing or development, these units are a blank canvas and perfect for creating your own space. They can be used as workshops for light manufacturing & assembly, or upgraded in to a lab space for small pharma and life science companies. 

Private space within a controlled access zone

Ability to install gas lines, sinks & extraction

3 phase power connections

Optional access to
shared facilities & equipment

Standard power and data
connections already in place

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Access to research, support & funding

Join a community of innovators at Future Space

As a core component of the UWE Bristol campus, lab space occupiers at Future Space have the unique benefit of access the extensive range of research programmes and opportunities to talk with experts in the field. This allows for seamless networking and collaboration, facilitated by our in-house Innovation Directors alongside specialist business support to help grow your business.

In the same spirit, Future Space hosts regular networking events to provide opportunities for exchange of ideas with business advisers and like-minded entrepreneurs. 


Shared Lab Facilities

1 contract, access to 3 separate lab facilities, lab technician & write up space

General Shared Lab


Refrigerated centrifuge

-80°C Freezer

Water purifying system

Fume hood

Microplate reader

Electrophoresis systems for protein and DNA/RNA separation

Microbiology Lab


Laminar flow cabinet


Shaking incubator

Inverted phase microscope

Water bath

Class II biological safety cabinet

Tissue Culture Lab

CO2 incubators

Liquid nitrogen vessel

Cell storage bank



Inverted phase microscope

Class II biological safety cabinets


Space to create your future

Freedom to take it month by month

Because flexibility and choice are important to growing businesses, our agreements are based on monthly payments and can be cancelled with one month’s notice. Allowing you to develop at your own pace.

We also provide the reassurance of 24/7 access, so you can work when it works for you.