Our Companies

We have a wide range of customers within Future Space focusing on developing the latest future technology or life sciences in our labs and workspace.

500 More

500 More design and create mobile apps concentrating on improving health and well-being.

Absolute Robotics

Absolute Robotics supplies, implements and designs solutions for customers using the cutting-edge features and technology of Techman’s award-winning Cobots.

Aralia Systems

Aralia develop intelligent surveillance systems and more to enhance the overall security of rail systems, airports and public buildings.

Cerberus Security

Cerberus Security provides security consultancy to semiconductor and embedded systems product manufacturers. Cerberus also provide embedded system security evaluation services and specialist hardware-related security training.

Codexiq Systems

Codexiq Systems specialize in the software development of web, mobile, desktop and IOT.


An international chemical company providing chemical and engineering solutions for Oil, Gas and Water treatment industries globally. We provide high-quality chemicals, customer specific formulations, fast response consultancy on chemical engineering, excellent technical and practical expertise, and a local presence.

EMIS Health

EMIS deliver innovative digital systems and technology solutions to help healthcare organisations make connected care a reality.


Esoterix Systems develops demand responsive software for transport providers. The aim is to combine the latest technological capabilities with engineering expertise to improve the efficiency of our road networks (reduce congestion), reduce carbon emissions due to transport and enable better access for all to work, healthcare and leisure facilities.

eXmoor Pharma Concepts

eXmoor pharma is a technical and strategic consultancy in biopharmaceuticals, secondary pharmaceuticals and cell & gene therapies. They provide process development capability to the cell and gene therapy industry.


Innovation in treatment of inflammatory disease. Developing Live Biotherapeutic Products for human and veterinary use.

Flexys Solutions

Flexys applies fresh thinking to enterprise debt management, using Machine Learning and clever technology to solve real world problems.

Fusion Processing

Fusion Processing develop products for smart cities, vehicles and highways using intelligent sensing technology and control systems.

GF Micro

GF Micro partner to design and develop innovative, leading-edge application specific integrated circuit solutions across multi-domain applications.


HBXL is a UK building software and development company that supplies builders, developers, architects and tradespeople with software for smarter working.

Healcerion EMEA

The use of mobile technology to bring affordable, high-quality medical care to clinical and remote locations in the EMEA region. Healcerion EMEA is the distribution headquarters for SONON “the world’s first wireless, App-based Ultrasound” and offers a mobile-based ultrasound system that is specifically designed to provide physicians and patients with flexibility and portability.

Higher Steaks

Using state-of-the-art cell culture techniques, a small sample of cells from an animal will be expanded by feeding these cells a rich and animal free growth media. When these cells have grown we can then use different methods in order to form the desired meat product.


Homelync integrates existing system information, data from market-leading IoT technologies, and advanced machine learning techniques to help social landlords reduce costs, improve customer services and solve some of society’s most pressing challenges

IDAS Global

IDAS Global Ltd are involved in research and development in the realms of currency.

Indus Four

Indus Four is developing Cyber-Physical Operating Systems that integrate automation tasks, vision systems, robotic arm control, and workplace management.

Intercede Ventures

Intercede develop systems and technology to help reduce the carbon footprints of transports prime movers such as aircraft, automotive vehicles, railway trains, marine vessels and eco power generation equipment.

Koan Adventures

Koan Adventures owns and develops Gift Up! a gift card SaaS platform enabling tens of thousands of SMBs to sell gift cards online for their products & services.


LMAT improves composite products by eradicating manufacturing defects and lowering risk associated with complex processing. We work closely with the aerospace, wind energy and automotive industries, improving composite production methods and overall product quality.

Mass Spec Analytical

Mass Spec Analytical specialise in the development of versatile direct-analysis ion sources for substance identification using mass spectrometry. Our Thermal Extraction Ion Sources (TEIS) provide near-instant results across a wide range of substances, media and matrices with a minimum of sample prep – mostly without rare or expensive carrier gases.

Merck Serono

Merck Serono are a leading science and technology company whose expertise lie in healthcare, life science and performance materials.


OR3D specialise in providing CAD models or inspection reports from laser scan data. Using a variety of portable 3D laser scanning equipment and specialist reverse engineering software they can create a 3D CAD model of almost anything.

Orca Medical

Orca Medical source suitable ultrasound devices with custom training for every individual. They work closely with expert Allied Professionals and Faculties to integrate innovative technology with accredited training.


QRoutes is an automated routing-engine designed to meet the needs of local authorities planning schools and SEND transport.

Perceptual Robotics

A robotics and AI company targeting wind turbine blade inspection. Our solution is an automated drone and AI driven image processing pipeline to detect anomalies (erosion, cracks) in wind turbine blades. We offer a faster, cheaper and higher quality inspection for the global blade inspection market, using patent protectable technology that is applicable to any large structure.

Pyramis Solutions

Pyramis Solutions is a financial consultancy that works with businesses to unlock financial potential, overcome hurdles and coaches in how to take control of finances.

PSE 2 Ltd

PSE 2 Ltd deal with specialist design activities and power systems.

Quantum Focus

Quantum Focus Instruments Corporation (QFI) designs and manufactures advanced failure analysis microscope systems and temperature measurement microscope systems for the semiconductor industry

Spry care

Spry is developing machine learning technologies to help make the process of finding great home care flexible, fair and simple.

Service Robotics Ltd

Service Robotics Ltd is launching the UK’s first companion robot solution called GenieConnect®, to enable older adults to live independently in their own homes for longer.

Shadow Robot Company

Robotics development & consultancy, working with BRL on assisted living project.
Designs and manufactures state-of-the-art anthropomorphic robot hands & related systems.


The global division of the Addnode Group that is concerned with product lifecycle management software solutions. This is delivered through software sales and support, services and consultancy. The Technia Simulation Centre of Excellence provides engineering simulation services as part of the product development process.

Techni Measure

Techni Measure supply a wide range of sensors, transducers and instrumentation from leading manufacturers around the world, covering nearly every measurement parameter in almost any environment.


Verasonics – leading-edge ultrasound research technologies. Real-time, programmable ultrasound systems accelerate research with unsurpassed speed and control to simplify the data collection and analysis process.

West of England Academic Health Science Network

WEAHSN are helping to deliver positive healthcare outcomes in the region and nationally by driving the development and adoption of new innovations and enabling patients to play an increasing role in their own care and of others.

Yantra Digital

Yantra turns businesses into digital businesses through web and mobile applications, business automation, digital marketing and AI.