Our Companies

We have a wide range of customers within Future Space focusing on developing the latest future technology or life sciences in our labs and workspace.

500 More

500 More design and create mobile apps concentrating on improving health and well-being.

Absolute Robotics

Absolute Robotics supplies, implements and designs solutions for customers using the cutting-edge features and technology of Techman’s award-winning Cobots.


Albotherm is developing passive cooling coatings to tackle carbon emissions and ensure future food security.

Altered Carbon

Altered Carbon is enabling machines to detect scent using a multi-array sensor which detects scent as a cocktail of chemical compounds, comparable to a dog’s nose. Sensors are combined with AI to build a library of digital signatures.


Advanced skydiving technology. Designing and manufacturing wearable altimeters for skydiving and other aerial sports.

Aralia Systems

Aralia develop intelligent surveillance systems and more to enhance the overall security of rail systems, airports and public buildings.


Benedex is a robotics tech company with innovative solutions for mobile robotics. They create smart, connected, modular mobile robots.


Calyo develops enhanced AI-enabled ultrasound-based vision sensors that allow advanced robots and autonomous systems to perceive the local environment in 3-D in real time – a crucial differentiator in a wide range of markets.


A multi-award-winning property adviser dedicated to health and social care market analysis for the elderly care home and older people’s housing sectors. Innovative and market leading, our advice redefines the role of the traditional consultant by incorporating high quality data with expert sector-specialist knowledge.

Celestial Labs

Humanity has become accustomed to looking down at screens. Celestial’s pioneering drone art inspires audiences to gaze up, reigniting our relationship with the stars. We are a creative collective of film makers, event producers and tech wizards with a passion for innovative storytelling.


An international chemical company providing chemical and engineering solutions for Oil, Gas and Water treatment industries globally. We provide high-quality chemicals, customer specific formulations, fast response consultancy on chemical engineering, excellent technical and practical expertise, and a local presence.


EarSwitch® is an in-ear innovation, augmenting human to environment interaction working to accelerate applications in both medical and interactive technology across the globe.


Known as O~pal, the new electronic measurement device can be retrofitted into more than 200 manufacturers’ existing lateral flow devices – and when coupled with its digital readout – digitises the analysis and reporting of tests.


Innovation in treatment of inflammatory disease. Developing Live Biotherapeutic Products for human and veterinary use.

Flexys Solutions

Flexys applies fresh thinking to enterprise debt management, using Machine Learning and clever technology to solve real world problems.


FluoretiQ develops rapid point of care tests to enable clinicians to prescribe antibiotics accurately; making their first prescription, the right prescription.  Products include: NANOPLEX® – an advanced latex agglutination test that rapidly identifies and quantifies the cause of infection within 15 minutes; SCFI™- a phenotypic, real-time, and growth-free antibiotic susceptibility test that determines the most effective antibiotic within 30 minutes.

Fusion Processing

Fusion Processing develop products for smart cities, vehicles and highways using intelligent sensing technology and control systems.

Generative Parametrics

Generative Parametrics provides generative product design from concept to manufacture for industries worldwide.

GE Healthcare

A leading global medical technology, pharmaceutical diagnostics, and digital solutions innovator, GE HealthCare enables clinicians to make faster, more informed decisions through intelligent devices, data analytics, applications and services, supported by its Edison intelligence platform.

GF Micro

GF Micro partner to design and develop innovative, leading-edge application specific integrated circuit solutions across multi-domain applications.

IDAS Global

IDAS Global Ltd are involved in research and development in the realms of currency.

IMD Technologies

IMDT are global experts in all things AI and AR/VR, including deep learning, 3D imaging, computer vision and IoT. The team can offer both modular and full turnkey solutions. IMDT now works with leading companies in agri-tech, medical fields, telecommunications, defense and consumer products.


Impulsonics is leveraging the unique power of acoustic waves to streamline biotech automation and create unique new capabilities in cell and tissue engineering.

Despite advances in biotechnology, cell culture automation remains a highly manual field and we aim to change that, streamlining processes and making it accessible to every lab in the world.

Indus Fusion

Indus Fusion are creating an Integrated Automation platform, a fusion of cloud services, physical assets and mobility, delivering the automation infrastructure the future economy needs. Improving the working environment gives employees the support they need and enables companies to create new products and services.

Intercede Ventures

Intercede develop systems and technology to help reduce the carbon footprints of transports prime movers such as aircraft, automotive vehicles, railway trains, marine vessels and eco power generation equipment.

KMK Engineering

KMK Consulting Engineers provide bespoke and complex mechanical and structural engineering solutions to leading national and international clients, providing skills and integrated solutions for a variety of sectors including mining, bulk material handling, port management, mechanical handling equipment, marine, oil and gas, renewable energy, water management, nuclear and defence.

Lava Labs

Lava Labs is a hardware startup developing highly efficient, rapid washing systems for reusable receptacles.

Mass Spec Analytical

Mass Spec Analytical specialise in the development of versatile direct-analysis ion sources for substance identification using mass spectrometry. Our Thermal Extraction Ion Sources (TEIS) provide near-instant results across a wide range of substances, media and matrices with a minimum of sample prep – mostly without rare or expensive carrier gases.

Melon Cube

Melon Cube Studios is an independent game development studio that provides design, development and creation services for clients all over the world.


Milbotix is an award-winning care-tech and med-tech start-up spun out of research at the University of Bristol and the University of the West of England. We are developing MPATIX – an innovative, wearable technology that uses socks to recognise when a person with dementia or another disorder affecting communication is in a state of distress.


Nusku is accelerating the move to electrified, low carbon heating in domestic homes by re-inventing the heat pump to provide a more efficient and affordable heating system.

Orca Medical

Orca Medical source suitable ultrasound devices with custom training for every individual. They work closely with expert Allied Professionals and Faculties to integrate innovative technology with accredited training.

Perceptual Robotics

A robotics and AI company targeting wind turbine blade inspection. Our solution is an automated drone and AI driven image processing pipeline to detect anomalies (erosion, cracks) in wind turbine blades. We offer a faster, cheaper and higher quality inspection for the global blade inspection market, using patent protectable technology that is applicable to any large structure.

Phoenix NC

Developing green and sustainable biopolymer manufacturing technologies and applications.

Pyramis Solutions

Pyramis Solutions is a financial consultancy that works with businesses to unlock financial potential, overcome hurdles and coaches in how to take control of finances.

PSE 2 Consulting

PSE 2 Consulting is an independent power systems consultancy firm offering tailored solutions to meet the challenges and economic pressures present in the power industry.



QRoutes is an automated routing-engine designed to meet the needs of local authorities planning schools and SEND transport.

Quantum Focus

Quantum Focus Instruments Corporation (QFI) designs and manufactures advanced failure analysis microscope systems and temperature measurement microscope systems for the semiconductor industry

Reach Industries

Reach Industries has a mission to augment scientists and make labs more efficient, so they can better and faster tackle world challenges.

Their intelligent platform, Lumi, leverages computer vision, voice and machine learning to capture and analyse operational data.


Reygar is the leading provider of maritime performance, health and VMMS monitoring systems. We create innovative, adaptable and cost effective solutions for maritime operations challenges.

SAH Diagnostics

SAH Diagnostics was born out of the dire need for high quality and time-efficient support to the NHS. We wanted to fill in the void needed to boost our healthcare system and tackle the backlog and waiting list for NHS trusts in the UK, especially in the wake of the devastating burden created by the COVID19 Pandemic.

We aim to provide top-notch diagnostic care alongside our award-winning team of clinicians and fill in the vacancy created by the lack of reliable and expeditious services within the private healthcare sector. By working side by side with the NHS, we ensure that we not only improve patient satisfaction, but also significantly reduce diagnostic waiting times especially to those in need of crucial and urgent care.

Service Robotics Ltd

Service Robotics Ltd is launching the UK’s first companion robot solution called GenieConnect®, to enable older adults to live independently in their own homes for longer.

Shadow Robot Company

Robotics development & consultancy, working with BRL on assisted living project.
Designs and manufactures state-of-the-art anthropomorphic robot hands & related systems.

Silent Sensors

Silent Sensors is an innovative company that designs and creates smart tags and sensors. Embedded in rubber and elastomer based materials and powered by energy harvesting and micro batteries where needed, these tags and sensors generate data from mobile assets that help companies reduce costs, improve overall performance and extend an asset’s lifetime.


The global division of the Addnode Group that is concerned with product lifecycle management software solutions. This is delivered through software sales and support, services and consultancy. The Technia Simulation Centre of Excellence provides engineering simulation services as part of the product development process.


The P Project is the first in-house innovation is a novel natural fertiliser made from urine. The common elements that are synthetically created for industrial fertilisers – nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium – occur naturally in the human body and are retained in our own waste. We are focused on building a scalable alternative using an abundant waste-stream as our primary input.


Verasonics – leading-edge ultrasound research technologies. Real-time, programmable ultrasound systems accelerate research with unsurpassed speed and control to simplify the data collection and analysis process.


Advanced molecular biotechnology solutions for animal pathogen detection

West of England Academic Health Science Network

WEAHSN are helping to deliver positive healthcare outcomes in the region and nationally by driving the development and adoption of new innovations and enabling patients to play an increasing role in their own care and of others.

Whitecap Consulting

Whitecap is a regionally-focused strategy consultancy operating across multiple sectors, including financial services/FinTech, technology, private equity, and education. Whitecap also has a strong existing relationship with FinTech West, an initiative in which we are deeply involved.


Workbit creates platforms that help industries build technical training content for the workforces of the future. Our software is ideal for safety-critical organisations that operate in environments that are inhospitable, hazardous, and hostile to deliver best in class, multi-role training.

XR Tech

XR Tech is a UK based Extended Reality XR Solutions provider for enterprise level applications and business-oriented VR, AR program for modern companies and organisations. Our wearable technology focus on RealWear, Hololens, Vuzix and others

Yantra Digital

Yantra turns businesses into digital businesses through web and mobile applications, business automation, digital marketing and AI.


Zyomni is a robotics company developing autonomous mobile manipulators that work safely and intuitively around people. By incorporating state-of-the-art approaches to interaction, perception and control, our mission is to revolutionise automation everywhere, freeing people from tedious and repetitive tasks.