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Hiring Masterclass – Open to UEZ tenants

July 16, 2019 @ 9:30 am - 12:30 pm

  • Have you hired a new team member and then regretted it?
  • Ever had to fire someone who you hired based on just their CV and an interview or two?
  • Wish you knew proven techniques which would allow you a more stressfree hiring process?
  • And would love a team of happy staff?

This Hiring Masterclass workshop led by Helen from Your People Partners is for you and anyone in your business involved in the recruitment process.

The techniques and tools you will learn can apply to hiring any of the following:

  • Permanent/PAYE staff
  • Full-time
  • Part-time
  • Freelancers and contractors
  • Remote staff and freelancers too!

Running your own business is tough and hiring the right people can be costly and stressful.

It doesn’t matter how intelligent you are or how many degrees you have, hiring beats the best of us.

Helen has worked with hundreds of business owners who have made loads of mistakes when hiring people and it’s cost them a lot in terms of money AND stress.

After successful workshops at the British Library, Helen Sanders is bringing her workshop to FutureSpace in July and again in September.

Helen will be sharing all of her secrets about how she manages to hire fantastic people for growing, entrepreneurial companies and on a consistent basis.

All workshop participants will receive a bound workbook with examples and templates – there will be plenty of group exercises.

Helen will share her 6 step process of how to recruit the right people each time.

What you will learn in the masterclass:

  1. Learn the crucial difference between a job advert and a job description. Your workbook will contain example job advert templates and you’ll learn how to write fantastic job adverts.
  2. Helen will show you 5 easy hacks to dramatically improve your employer brand, enabling you to instantly attract better quality candidates.
  3. Learn Helen’s smart screening system so you can instantly spot quality CVs and reject CV’s from people that aren’t right for your business.You will also learn the five other things you MUST use apart from CV’s so you can properly understand your candidates.
  4. With thousands of interviews in person and on the phone, Helen will show you how to conduct proper interviews and share 7 crucial questions you must always ask when you interview someone.
  5. Test as if your life depends on it! – Testing is one of the secret weapons we use at Grow to hire great people.Helen will share the 5 most important recruitment tests you must use to filter out the wrong candidates and pinpoint the superstars.
  6. Successful onboarding – the missing link in recruitment success. It’s easy to think you’ve found the perfect candidate and they never start working with you, or after 3 months you realise you have hired the wrong person.

Helen will show you her step by step process of how to onboard new hires. This will stop you losing great people, get the best out of new hires and quickly identify if there’s an issue.

Who should attend?

  • Anyone in your business involved in the recruitment process
  • Anyone thinking of hiring new permanent staff or freelancers in 2019

Why should you attend?

Every participant will leave the workshop with some concrete strategies you can easily implement in their business

  • You’ll also learn the key aspects of your current hiring process which may be adding to your stress when managing new staff
  • You will learn some key takeaways for building a happy, productive team

How long is the workshop?

  • 3 (fun-filled) hours

Do I need to do anything to prepare for this workshop?

  • No

Do I need to do anything except listen at the workshop?

  • You’ll get the most out of the workshop if you’re willing to contribute and share thoughts and experiences with all participants.

Will the workshop be death by PowerPoint?

  • Absolutely not!


July 16, 2019
9:30 am - 12:30 pm


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